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Alana has recently been interviewed and filmed by ABC New England North West. The video was shared on social media and can be accessed here.

Commercial CD Recordings

Andrée Greenwell (2018). Listen to me [Digital Album]. Sydney. (

Salut! Baroque (2014). Celebrating 20 Years [CD]. Sydney: Salut! Baroque

Ben Carey (2014). Derivations: Human-Machine Improvisations [CD]. Sydney: Integrated Records 888174580005

The Royal Wind Music (2013). Angeli, Zingare & Pastori [CD]. Amsterdam: Lindoro NL-­‐ 3018

The Royal Wind Music (2012). Del Canto Figurado [CD]. Amsterdam: Lindoro MPC-­‐123 

The Royal Wind Music (2012). En er Mundo [CD]. Amsterdam: Lindoro NL-­‐3014

Salut! Baroque (2012). Concorde of Sweete Sound [CD]. Sydney: Salut! Baroque

YouTube and Sound Files

The Australian Recorder Project, Eve Klein 'Between the Palms of the Hands' 2015

The Royal Wind Music, Giovanni Maria Trabaci (c1575-1647): Gagliarda Seconda detta La Scabrosetta [a5]

The Royal Wind Music, Ascanio Trombetti (1544-1590): Diligam te Domine [a6]


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