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Dr Alana Blackburn specialises in both historical and contemporary performance practice. As a member of the Royal Wind Music, Alana focused on renaissance performance practice including ornamentation, diminution and improvisation techniques. As a contemporary performer, she has worked with a number of composers in contemporary performance as well as computer-performer improvisation and online telematic performance.


Alana has a number of publications in e-learning and online music education. Her focus has been mobile learning and online collaborative tools in performance and ensemble work, as well as creating online communities of practice. Her most recent project on online feedback in performance is a collaborative project with Dr Carol Johnson (University of Melbourne) for which they received an ASCILITE D2L Research Grant in 2020.


After completing a PhD investigating the professional identity of chamber musicians and group processes, Alana is currently a Senior Lecturer in Music at The University of New England, Armidale NSW. She combines her creative practice and studies in organisational behaviour to create synergies between the two areas. 


Alana has presented her research areas in Australia and Internationally including Germany, UK, USA and Hong Kong. 


Blackburn, A. (2023). Performing Australian electroacoustic works for the Paetzold contrabass recorder. Tempo, 77(304), 21-32. doi:10.1017/S0040298222001115. Available Open Access here.

Blackburn, A (2022). The Armidale Symphony Orchestra: the ecology of a regional orchestra. In L. de Bruin & J. Southcott (Eds) Music Ecologies: Instrumental Music Ensembles Around the World, Routledge.

Blackburn, A & McGrath, N. (2022). Reducing student anxiety in online tertiary music education through the application of Universal Design for Learning. International Journal on Innovations in Online Education, 5(4), p. 53-68. 

Blackburn, A (2021). The impact of group identity on the social dynamics and sustainability of chamber music ensembles. In R. Timmers, H. Daffern & F. Bailes (eds) Together in Music: Participation, coordination, and creativity in ensembles. University Oxford Press.

Johnson, C. & Blackburn, A (2021). Video feedback in tertiary music performance classes. Proceedings in Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE). Armidale, NSW.

Blackburn, A (2020). Blokfluit 2.0 - Blokfluitles online. Blokfluitist 12(3). pp. 16-18.

Blackburn, A. & Hewitt, D. (2020). Fostering Creativity and Collaboration in a Fully Online Tertiary Music Program. International Journal on Innovations in Online Education 4(2). DOI: 10.1615/IntJInnovOnlineEdu.2020035099

Blackburn, A. (2018). Instrument of torture? In defence of the recorder 
The Conversation, v.Arts + Culture, issn:2201-5639 

Blackburn, A (2018) . The gig economy is nothing new for musicians – here’s what their ‘portfolio careers’ can teach us 
The Conversation, v.Business + Economy, issn:2201-5639 

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Blackburn, A (2016, July). The Role Repertoire choice has in Shaping the Identity and Functionality of a Chamber Music Ensemble. Proceedings in International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. San Francisco, CA.

McGrath, N. & Blackburn, A. (2014). Educating the 'Net Generation': Enhancing Student Engagement with Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Technology in Music Education. In K. Li & K. Yuen (eds), Emerging Modes and Approaches in Open and Flexible Education. Ho Man Tin, Kowloon Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong Press.


Blackburn, A. & McGrath, N. (2014). Anytime, anyplace, anywhere: New media and virtual tools offer constructivist lerning in online music education. Proceedings in World Conference on E-learning in Corporate, Governement, Healthcare and Higher Education. New Orleans, LA.


Carey, B., & Blackburn, A.  (2012). "­_derivations" [performance]. Interactive: The Australasian Computer Music Conference 2012, Griffith University: Brisbane.

Conference Presentations and Performances

Blackburn, Alana; Lawrence, Sarah  (2020). [Live performance via social media]. Fragments, Figures, Fables . New England Regional Art Museum

Blackburn, Alana  (2019). Reflections ; Tilde Music Festival, Melbourne Testing Grounds.

Hewitt, D., & Blackburn, A (2019). Permafrost. [Performance]. Australasian Computer Music Conference/Tenor. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Blackburn, A (2018). The Sound of Silence. [Performance] Art of Management and Organisation Conference. Brighton University, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Blackburn, A (2018). Musical and Non-Musical communication: Which informs Which? [Performance] Festival Conference of Music Performance and Artistic Research. Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Blackburn, A (2017, December). The impact of group dynamics on audience perception of a chamber music performance. Paper presented at the 3rd Conference of the Australian Music & Psychology Society (AMPS) incorporating the 5th International Conference on Music and Emotion, Brisbane, Australia.  

Blackburn, A (2016, December). The modern chamber musician's identity: Individual perspectives of the qualities and characteristics of contemporary chamber ensemble musicians. Paper presented at the 39th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Blackburn, A (2015, October). Developing a professional identity and maintaining success within self-managing chamber music ensembles. Paper presented at the 38th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, Sydney, Australia.

Blackburn, A (2015, September). Creating Harmony: Exploring the organisational factors of contemporary chamber music ensembles. Paper presented at Students of Systematic Musicology 2015, Leipzig, Germany.

Whale, S., McGrath, N., Cluley, T., McClenaghan, L., & Blackburn, A. (2014).  Moving Online: A Best Practice Approach to Achieving a Quality Learning Experience for Online Education. Paper presented at the International Conference of Open and flexible Education (ICOFE). Hong Kong.

Premiered Works

'Debris' by Ros Bandt & Alana Blackburn, December 2023 Melbourne Recital Centre (WP)

'String Theory' by Mark Oliviero, October 2023 Riverside Theatre, Parramatta (WP)

'Re-Growth?' by Ros Bandt, December 2021 The Armidale Playhouse, Armidale (WP)

'Permafrost' by Donna Hewitt, January 2019 Tilde New Music Festival, Melbourne (WP)

'Listen to me' by Andrée Greenwell, July 2016 Digital CD Release (WP), Available to order, here

'Fracas' by Benjamin Thorn, May 2018 New England Bach Festival (WP)

'Codextant: Medieval Immersions in New England'  by Eve Klein, June 2015 Sydney Vivid Festival (WP)

Between the Palms of the Hands by Eve Klein, June 2015 Sydney Vivid Festival (WP)

'Lumina' by Amanda Cole, June 2015 Sydney Vivid Festival (WP)

'_derivations' by Benjamin Carey, August 2012 New Music Network Mini Series

'Tic' by Anthony Leigh Dunstan, August 2012 New Music Network Mini Series (AP)

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