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Recorder player, researcher & educator

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Obviously a fine exponent of music for any recorder, she proved herself as a capable experimenter in contemporary wind technique. In four diverse works she produced an atmospheric collaboration with electronic media." ArtsHub


"Blackburn is an expert in Renaissance, Baroque, Contemporary and Japanese repertoire for recorder..." RealTime


E V E N T S​



Sounding Spaces - Ros Bandt & Alana Blackburn

Melbourne Recital Hall



Australian Recorder Festival

Orpheus Recorder workshop



New work premiere!

Debris, by Ros Bandt & Alana Blackburn. World Premiere at Melbourne Recital Centre Friday 15th December.

Debris is a new collaborative work by Ros Bandt and Alana Blackburn for Amplified Paetzold and amplified Tarhu, site specific recordings and effects. Together we are trying to salvage the sonic shards we recorded in the music department at UNE which was completely blown away by a tornado in 2021. Debris is a lament for a lost space. All the percussion, grand piano and cross cultural instruments used for Re-Growth? How does one re-locate? Where? How? Thousands of people, are experiencing this all around the world as a result of extreme weather events, greed and power. 

Listen to what these two instruments can do!


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